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Retaining Wall Installation

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Take Control Of Your Yard And Get More Usable Space

The main role of a retaining wall is to hold soil in place to prevent erosion and flooding. Built right, it can also add definition, beauty, and style to your yard design. Retaining walls also help to even out your backyard slopes so that you can have more usable space to enjoy. Create new areas for the kids to play, or design your dream sunken patio or terraced garden. You could even create a beautiful driveway with built-in lighting to enhance your front lawn.

Here are the most common signs you may need a retaining wall:

Soil erosion threatens your house

Your backyard is often flooded or muddy

You need to make your sloping yard usable

You need more seating space

You want to add appeal to your backyard

High Functionality And Low Maintenance

No one wants to see a mud pit in their backyard. Soil erosion and steep slopes can cause serious water damage to your whole property. A solid retaining wall battles gravity by keeping water away from your beautiful lawn, and requires very little maintenance. We can help you get a small retaining wall that creates extra sitting space and room for a few plants. Or build a tall enclosure that secures your property and levels your backyard. We’ll bring our knowledge and expertise to build you a retaining wall that’s made to last.

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