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PRO TIP – Cleaning your Outdoor Grill

Cleaning your outdoor grill is an important task that not only helps to keep your grill looking good, but also helps to extend its lifespan and improve its performance. Here are some pro tips for cleaning your outdoor grill:

  1. Wait until the grill is cool: It’s important to wait until the grill is completely cool before you start cleaning it. If you try to clean a hot grill, you could risk burns or other injuries.
  2. Remove excess food debris: Before you start scrubbing, take a minute to remove any excess food debris from the grill grates. This can be done with a grill brush or a ball of aluminum foil.
  3. Clean the grill grates: Once you’ve removed the excess debris, it’s time to scrub the grill grates. You can use a grill brush or a scouring pad to scrub the grates. Be sure to use a circular motion and make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies.
  4. Wipe down the interior: After you’ve cleaned the grill grates, take a damp cloth and wipe down the interior of the grill. This includes the walls, the bottom, and the drip pan. Be sure to remove any food residue or grease that may have accumulated.
  5. Clean the exterior: Finally, take a moment to clean the exterior of your grill. Use a mild soap and water to scrub the exterior of the grill, paying special attention to the knobs and handles. Rinse the grill with clean water and dry it off before you put the cover on.

By following these pro tips for cleaning your outdoor grill, you can help keep your grill looking good and performing at its best.

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