How To Clean My Patio?

How to Clean my Patio?

Your patio must always be kept tidy, just as you take time while vacuuming floors and dusting your furniture. The reason behind cleaning your patio is to ensure it’s ready for any party that might come up and creates a conducive environment around you. All these maintenance and cleaning activities can be well performed during the spring season. You can book your kids, spouse, and relatives to engage in the activity and pull a party for them as a reward.

Cleaning Your Patio Furniture 

While planning to clean the patio, you need to first remove all the equipment, furniture, accessories, and plant containers. All the cushions and furniture frames need to be washed using soap and clean water. To ensure that mildew does not grow on the furniture, ensure that the cushions are well dried before taking them back on the furniture.

Use auto polish on metal frames to make them shine.

For the tabletops made up of glass, use glass cleaner; your outdoor lanterns on the glass windows should be cleaned to allow light to pass through well.

The grill gates and steel grills should be cleaned using a degreaser.

Use soap and water to clean the umbrella fabric while the moving parts of the umbrella are supposed to be cleaned using some oil.

If you have some old potting soil, ensure you remove and dispose the soil. Clean all the pots using a mixture of bleach and water. The mixture will help kill any bacteria that might have developed in the pots. Once the pots dry, you can fill them with new soil and put your plants back.

Cleaning concrete patios

  • First, sweep the entire patio.
  • Use a hose pipe with a nozzle that can provide you with a water flow with strong pressure.
  • Use a natural scrub brush to remove the stains on the patio and degreaser to clean any oil spots. Avoid using a wire brush as it can create rust stains or lead to scratches on the concrete.
  • If you have not been cleaning your concrete patio for a longer time, you can apply a solution of both Dawn or Ajax dishwashing and water to ensure that your patio shines well.
  • If you have a discolored patio, it will be appropriate to call a professional cleaner. The professional will use a solution of muriatic acid to clean your patio. The acid is dangerous to pants, gloves, and shoes; hence should be handled with care.

Cleaning natural stone patio

  • Use a hosepipe to wash the patio while applying detergents like Dawn or Ajax dishwashing liquid.
  • If your patio has some black spots, use bleach and water to remove those spots. It will also help in driving away any mildew on the patio.

Cleaning manufactured paving stones

  • The manufactured paving stones are highly used in creating a patio because they will require very little maintenance.
  • To clean the patio, use a garden hose with an attached nozzle. Flush the patio surface to drive away any debris on the surface.